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Our customer service staff has selected the Foxfire Book series because these books are an important recorded chronicle of useful country living information and are of historical value. A truly unusual and unique historical account and resource for researching the Appalachian Mountain country folks and their way of life.
In 1966, in the Appalachian Mountains of Northwest Georgia, Eliot Wigginton and his students founded a quarterly magazine that they named Foxfire, after the eerie phosphorescent glow emitted by a certain lichen growing on decaying logs found in the forest. In 1972, several articles from the magazine were published in book form, and the acclaimed Foxfire series was born. More than thirty years later, in this age of technology and cyber-living, the books teach a philosophy of simplicity in living that is truly enduring in its appeal. This series has sold over six million copies, a testimony to this series popularity.
These books are a written recording of a series of interviews conducted over several years with the rural mountain country people of the Great Smoky Mountains. The people interviewed were skilled in a specific handicraft, a particular skill, or had specific knowledge of mountain folk living, traditions, and customs. These books record these interviews with text and black and white photographs and illustrations.
Much more than "how-to" books, the Foxfire series is a publishing phenomenon teaching creative self-sufficiency, a rural way of life, the art of natural remedies, home crafts and skills and other country folkways, and is fascinating to everyone interested in rediscovering the virtues of a simpler life. These books were not meant to be only a series of specific how-to-do books, rather they are a recording of country living methods and skills gathered and used over the years by the Appalachian mountain folks, and how these skills and methods were used by the people at the time. Each book records and teaches creative self-sufficiency, the art of natural remedies, home crafts, and other mountain country folkways. In fact, the style of living and many of the skills and ideas recorded are still being used today.
The popularity of the Foxfire series on oral history of Appalachian lives and traditions, homespun crafts, and folk arts have become a phenomenon that spread far beyond Georgia.

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The Foxfire Books Series

The Foxfire Book - First published in 1972, The Foxfire Book was a surprise bestseller that brought Appalachia's philosophy of simple living to hundreds of thousands of readers. Whether you wanted to hunt game, bake the old-fashioned way, or learn the art of successful moonshining, The Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center had a contact who could teach you how with clear, step-by-step instructions.
Foxfire 2 - Eliot Wigginton (Editor) / Paperback 405 pages / Published June 1972
Foxfire 2 covers Ghost Stories, Spring Wild Plant Foods, Spinning and Weaving, Midwifing, Burial Customs, Corn Shuckin's, and Wagon Making.

Foxfire 3 - Eliot Wiggington (Editor) / Paperback 511 pages / Published August 1975
Foxfire 3 covers Animal Care, Banjos and Dulcimers, Hide Tanning, Summer and Fall Wild Plant Foods, Butter Churns, Ginseng, and Still More Affairs of Plai: Animal Care, Banjos and Dulcimers, Hide Tanning, Summer and Fall Wild Plant Foods, Butter Churns, Ginseng and Still More Affairs of Plain Living.

Foxfire 4 - Eliot Wigginton (Editor), Richard M. Dorson (Afterword) / Paperback 496 pages / Published October 1977
Foxfire 4 covers fiddle making, springhouses, horse trading, sassafras tea, berry buckets, gardening, and further affairs of plain living.

Foxfire 5 - Eliot Wigginton (Editor) / Paperback 511 pages / Published May 1979
Foxfire 5 covers Ironmaking, Rain-making, Blacksmithing, Flintlock Rifles, Bear Hunting, and other affairs of plain living.

Foxfire 6 - Eliot Wigginton (Editor) / Paperback 510 pages / Published September 1980
Volume 6 covers Shoemaking, Gourd Banjos, and Songbows, One Hundred Toys and Games, Wooden Locks, a Water Powered Sawmill, and and other fascinating topics.

Foxfire 7 - Paul Gillespie (Editor) / Paperback 510 pages / Published November 1981
Foxfire 7 covers traditions of mountain religious heritage, covering ministers, revivals, baptisms, gospel-singing, faith healing, camp meetings, snake handling, and more.

Foxfire 8 - Eliot Wigginton (Editor), Margie Bennett / Paperback 510 pages / Published April 1984
Foxfire 8 covers Southern folk pottery from pug mills, ash glazes, and groundhog kilns to face jugs, churns and roosters, mule swapping, chicken fighting, and much more.

Foxfire 9 - Eliot Wigginton (Editor), Margie Bennett / Paperback 493 pages / Published September 1986
Foxfire 9 covers General Stores, the Jud Newson Wagon, a Praying Rock, a Catawba Indian Potter, Haint Tales, Quilting, Home Cures, and Log Cabins Revisited.

Foxfire 10 - George P. Reynolds, Eliot Wigginton, Susan Walker (Editor) / Paperback 481 pages / Published March 1993
Foxfire 10 series covers a variety of new topics and includes the voices of heretofore unheard Appalachian citizens who present a vibrant picture of the American South in transition, from the turn of the century through the Depression years. Although about a quarter of this collection of oral histories is devoted to folk arts and crafts, such as chair-making and gourd art, the focus in this Foxfire volume is on Appalachian history. An excellent oral history of The Talluhah Falls Railway's impact on the economy and daily life of Rabun County, Ga., covers interesting interviews concerning railroad construction work and operation. Full of wit and wisdom and a celebration of what is basic to life. 
Foxfire 11 - Kaye Carver Collins (Editor), Lacy Hunter (Editor) / Paperback 336 pages / Published November 1999
FoxFire II covers the rituals and recipes of the Appalachian homeplace, farm buildings, planting and growing a garden, planting on the right sign of the moon, includes a one-hundred page section on herbal remedies and wild plant uses, and segments about cooking food, preserving and pickling, smoking and salting, honey making, beekeeping, and fishing, as well as hundreds of the kind of spirited firsthand narrative accounts from Appalachian community members that exemplify the Foxfire style.

Foxfire 12 - The Staff of Foxfire Fund, Inc. / Paperback 576 pages / Published September 2004
Foxfire 12 is the latest volume, the first in more than five years. Here are reminiscences about learning to square dance and tales about traditional craftsmen who created useful items in the old-time ways that have since disappeared in most of the country.

Foxfire Book of Appalachian Toys and Games - Linda Garland Page, Hilton Smith / Paperback 224 pages / Published October 1993
This delightful book is a collection memories of playing indoor and outdoor games. Includes making cornstalk dolls, homemade board games, play houses, and other toys. Complete instructions for each project is included. Every toy and game has been tested and is devised to make or play yourself, all without major expense, complicate parts, or electricity. Games include marbles, hopscotch, horseshoes, stealing the pines, farmer in the dell, crows and cranes, thimble, and many more.

A Foxfire Christmas: Appalachian Memories and Traditions - Eliot Wigginton / Paperback 224 pages / Published November 1996
This book of recollections celebrates the holiday traditions of Appalachian mountains families of northeast Georgia that are passed from one generation to the next. It includes instructions for creating many of the ornaments, toys, and recipes that make up so many of their family traditions.

The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery (Paperback) - Linda Garland Page (Editor), Eliot Wigginton (Editor)/ 352 pages / Published October 1992
More than simply a cookbook, The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery combines unpretentious, delectable recipes with the wit and wisdom of those who have prepared and eaten such foods for generations. Drawn from the wealth of material gathered by Foxfire students, this engaging volume evokes the foodways of a southern Appalachian community. Illustrated with photographs of the kitchens, people, and foods of Appalachia, this captivating collection contains more than 500 recipes. A sampling of favorites includes rhubarb cobbler, sassafras tea, fried quail, Brunswick stew, angel flake biscuits, seven-day cole slaw, and lime pickles. The book also explains traditional methods of preparing and preserving food, including directions for making homemade yeast, curing pork, 'gritting' corn, canning foods, cooking with a wood stove or fireplace, and preparing wild game.

The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery (Hardcover) - Linda Garland Page (Editor), Eliot Wigginton / Hardcover 327 pages / Published September 2001
This delightful cookbook contains over 500 recipes preserving and recording Appalachian cooking. Illustrated with photographs of the people, kitchens, and foods of the Appalachian mountain folks. Dishes prepared from these recipes are nutritious as well as tasty. Includes such unusually recipes as rhubarb cobbler, potato candy, cry-baby cookies, and lime pickles.

The Foxfire 40th Anniversary Book: Faith, Family, and the Land - Foxfire Fund (Author) / Paperback: 560 pages / Published September 2006
The "Foxfire 40th Anniversary Book" is a wonderful tribute to the people of Appalachia as they shared memories of their lives and culture with us. Foxfire magazine has been documenting and preserving the life and culture of Southern Appalachia for the last forty years in a series of books. Drawing on the magazine's published talks by local high school students with elderly rural inhabitants, these books have explored the crafts, cooking, music, gardening and stories that have been passed down through the generations. This book follows the same down-to-earth tone as the preceding volumes. The earlier ones were very informative, useful, and enjoyable, and this one certainly lives up to that high standard.
To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of this influential cultural movement, Foxfire editors have assembled a treasury of stories, a wealth of know-how, ruminations, religion beliefs, advice, natural remedies, and recipes in this book.

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