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Decorative Rock;

  • These small rocks are usually available in two different colors, white and red. These rocks are recommended as a top-dressing on the soil in indoor and outdoor container plants.
  • The white rocks are usually mined limestone, and the red one are a lava rock.
  • These decorative rocks are found in 2 quart bags.

Green Moss;

  • This moss comes from our Pacific Northwest forests, and is an ideal decorative mulch for container plants.
  • Also great for use as a liner for hanging moss baskets.
  • Available in 6 quart and 12 quart bags.

Horticultural Charcoal;

  • A soil "sweetener" that will also absorb soil odors.
  • When added to a potting soil mix, it helps to reduce the adverse impact of over watering.
  • Available in 2 quart and 6 quart bags.

Orchid Bark;

  • Provides the drainage and air circulation that Orchids require.
  • Recommended for use in orchid and bromeliad soil mixes.
  • Available in 4 quart, 8 quart, and 12 quart bags.

Peat Moss;

  • An organic soil conditioner used to loosen soils, add organic matter, and improve water retention.
  • Enhances a soil's ability to store and release nutrients.
  • Generally is 100% Canadian sphagnum peat moss
  • Available in 4 quart, and several larger size bags.


  • A lightweight soil conditioner used to help loosen potting soils and improve drainage and aeration
  • Derived from "popped" volcanic rock.
  • Improves the soil's ability to retain moisture.
  • Available in 4 quart, 8 quart, and larger bags.

Spanish Moss;

  • Mexico and Florida provide this moss which is an ideal topdress for indoor and container plants.
  • The distinctive blue-gray color provides an unusual decorative effect.
  • This moss, unlike other mosses, does not quickly dry out.
  • Available in 6 quart and 12 quart bags.


  • A lightweight soil conditioner used to loosen potting soil mixes and to help provide aeration and water retention.
  • Also used to start seeds or root cuttings, and to store bulbs.
  • Available in 4 quart, 8 quart, and 12 quart bags.

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