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How to Grow Blackberries Plants From Seeds

Blackberry vines, or brambles, can be grown in any climate that provides enough sunshine, with the right soil combination and sufficient water. Many homeowners and gardeners enjoy growing and preserving their own blackberries to feed their families, and presenting their homegrown fruit to their guests.

Blackberries are hardy plants that are relatively easy to grow. However, growing from seed won't produce berries the first year. The blackberry seeds require stratification the first year and when planted, will grow the second year. Blackberries plants are very hardy that rarely contract disease or attract pests.
There are two types of blackberry plants: erect and trailing. The erect type has a stiffer cane and is more cold hardy than the trailing type. You can still grow the trailing in the colder climates with mulching and proper care.
To save seeds from your blackberries and use them to perpetuate new plants, follow these easy steps.

How to Dry Blackberry Seeds for Planting

  1. Select only and pick ripe berries that come off easily, when they turn black, dark red or purple in color. Pick up any clean berries that have recently fallen to the ground.
  2. Crush blackberries gently to expose the seeds inside.
  3. Pour the berry mixture into a strainer, and run water over the mixture to wash away some of the fruit and clean the seeds.
  4. Place the partly cleaned seeds into flat containers that allow the seeds to air.
  5. Pour water over the seeds to further clean them.
  6. Put the seeds loosely onto the container and set them in a warm place. Leave the containers for 1 to 3 days.
  7. Take the mixture outside and pour off the excess liquid. That will eliminate excess fruit juice, leaves and pulp.
  8. Repeat the rinsing process as required.
  9. Pour the cleaned seeds onto clean coffee filters.
  10. Place the filters in a warm, dry place.
  11. Stir the mixture a couple of times each day until the seeds have completely dried.
  12. Place damp peat moss in a sandwich bag and put seeds in the peat moss. Close this and put it in your refrigerator for 3 to 5 months. The temperature must be between 33 to 35 degrees F to stratify the seeds. The seeds should start to open up in the cold.

How to Grow Blackberries Plants From Seeds

  1. Prepare a propagation pot with flat stones in the bottom for proper drainage, or use a nursury flat. Use a soil composition made of half garden soil and half a good potting soil, and then mix in some good compost. Place the clean stratified seeds on the top of the soil, or no deeper than 1/16 inches in the propagation container soil. Keep the seeds moist until they start to sprout. Mix in more compost as they grow, about every month, and water when soil starts to feel dry.
  2. Plant the the seedlings outside the the spring. Place the plants in full sun to partial shade in well-draining soil. Place a trellis behind the plants to help hold up their canes. Dig out the hole large enough to allow the roots room to grow, and mix the soil with compost before planting the seedling. Plant the plants 2 feet apart with rows up to 7 feet apart. Keep mulch on top of the soil around the plants to keep out weeds and hold in moisture.
  3. Keep canes well trimmed to about 7 to 8 feet. In the second year, trim the canes that have produced berries to the ground and cut off suckers that have grown outside the rows.
  4. Pick the berries when they turn black, dark red or purple in color. Pick up any berries that have recently fallen to the ground. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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