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On this Lübeck Haus Bookstore catalogue page are listed books for Trakehner horses from Trakehnen East Prussia and their history. This catalogue page presents a sellection of books and one DVD on one of the East Prussian horses, The Trakeher. (Das Trakehner Pferd)
The Trakehner horse is one of the oldest European warmblood breeds with a history that reaches back more than 400 years. The breed is based on a small local East Prussian horse, called the "Schwaike", of phenomenal endurance and versatility which, throughout the years, had been cross breed with various larger select stallions and mares to provide mounts for warfare, for general transportation and for agricultural work.
These books are designed to give the reader a good solid background of knowledge on each topic. The books present this information in a clearly written manner usually accompanied with excellent photographic work.
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Trakehner Horse Books

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Trakehner Horse YouTube Videos

Trakehner Horse DVD

This film presents a view of the future of Trakehner horse. Highlights important Trakehner stallions of the presence in very private pictures nobody has ever seen before. Caprimond, Hohenstein, Kostolany, Sixtus were all successful sport horses. Today their children and grandchildren determine the Trakehner future. Van Deyk, does not only present his sons, the Federal Champions Kaiserdom and Kaiserkult, but also his aged dam. Modern stallions are waiting in the wings: the Event World Champion Grafenstolz, the successful international dressage stallions Solero and Gribaldi, and various other champion stallions are shown in action.

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Trakehner Horse Book

It is the bitterly cold winter of 1944–45. The Red Soviet Army is advancing and millions of East Prussians are desperate to flee, but the Nazis refuse to let them. Finally, with the Russian guns within earshot, they realize that they are surrounded. With them are thousands of the most superb horses in the world—the Trakehner, bred over the past two centuries in Eastern Prussia. The horses flee in large herds or are harnessed to wagons or sleighs and face the same dangers as their guardians and owners. With little to eat and the target of Soviet bombers and tanks, many of them die on the way. Only a few hundred reach the West.

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