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Welcome to Lübeck Haus and this section of our Kitchen Supply Department.
On this catalogue page we have stainless steel cookware, non-stick cookware sets, microwave cooking pots, canister and stock pot sets, pizza stones, kitchen tools, beer bread makers, knifes sets, and utensil sets that are for sale.
Plus a selection of wire and wooden baskets, trays and plant stands are available through links below.
And a great selection of essential cookbooks that are available at our bookstore, Lübeck Haus Bookstore .

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For books with instructions and pictures on how-to to build your own garden ponds, streams, waterfalls, bridges, and other garden water features. Click Here .

Grocery Store And Gourmet Foods

Click on this banner and browse for what you need, place your order, and Amazon.com will delivery your Groceries and beverages to your home, office, office, farm, cabin, restaurant warehouse, airport ware house, or fishing boat dock.

Welcome to our Lübeck Haus Grocery Store and Gourmet Shop.
Access hundreds of top suppliers of fine gourmet foods, wines, teas and coffee. The variety and selection is fantastic. The mouth watering selections include Gift Food Baskets, Omaha Steaks, Sees Candy, Boxed Chocolates, Appetizers, Chocolate cakes, Apple and Berry pies, Meat and Seafood Selections, Cheeses From Around the World, Wines, Fine Teas, Coffee blends from Starbucks & Seattle' Best Coffee, Carviar, Tasty Breads and Pastries, Soups, Tasty Desserts, Low Carb & Sugar Free Foods & Snacks, Fruits and Vegetables, Health and Natural Foods.
In addition, browse through Regional & Ethnic Foods from around the world.
We offer these fine products in association with Amazon.com.

Lübeck Haus Grocery Store

Kitchen Cookware Sets And Kitchen Essentials

TO ORDER FROM THIS PAGE: Click on the catalogue number displayed with each items description. This will take you to our Amazon.com and to the exact item that you may want to purchase. Product description with a large clear picture, availability, current prices will be displayed.
Enter the quantity that you want to purchase. Then click on ADD TO SHOPPING CART, Check Out, or Continue Shopping. Then follow instructions to complete your purchase.

Microwave Cookware

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Dinner Dish Sets

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Kitchen Knife Block Sets

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