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This series of informational sheets deal with improving your garden soils and presents lot of essential information on improving your garden soils, the natural way. Whether your garden is a beautiful flower garden, a backyard vegetable garden, or one or several container-grown tomato plants on you deck or patio, you'll find help here.
Each informational sheet in this series presents lots of useful soil information, and gardening techniques and tips. We will share with you what we have learned over the years here at our farm, Grand Point Farms. We have learned how to build and enrich our garden soils to create a healthy environment that allows flowers, vegetables, shrubs, fruit and nut trees, lawns, and forest and shade trees to grow strong, healthy, colorful, and productive. This is because a healthy living soil is essential for lush, beautiful, productive plants.

The practice and principals of organic gardening is not a new phenomemon, only the name is new. Organic gardening is a return to the basic methods of plant cultivation practiced for centuries, with a few changes.

Six Basic Principles of Organic Gardening

  • Build up and feed the soil, not the plant. Incurage micro-organisms to grow.
  • Return to the soil more nutrients than you remove with your harvest.
  • Make use of companion plants and diverse planting.
  • Select and grow plants that grow well in the environment in which they will grow best in.
  • Learn to work with Nature, not in confrontation with Nature.

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