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On this page we have listed online sources for vegetable and flower seeds, certified seed potatoes, annual and perennial flower seeds, berry plants, fruit trees, live trees, tree seeds & seedlings, heirloom herbs, ferns, mosses and fungi, and other plants. Also includes certified organic and heirloom seed potatoes, garlic, and onions.
And for those gardeners that want to try something unusual for their gardens and landscaping, there are several links for sources for Windmill Palm trees, Ginkgo Biloba, and Paulownia trees.
Most of these seed catalog and nursery web sites have great gardening & growing tips and links.
Forest, ornamental and shade, fruit and nut tree sources are listed also, as well as Deciduous and Coniferous tree seeds sources.
Most of these seed companies and nurseries sell in small lots, but some do not.
We have noted which ones are wholesale dealers.
Links for several sources of essential information for many aspects of propagation and gardening are at the lower end of this page.
In addition we have listed several organizations dedicated to the restoration and survival of some of our important forest trees, such as the American Elm and Chestnut trees.
All of these lists will grow, so check back often.

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Plants, Seed Sources and Links

Seed Companies:
Vegetable and Flower Seeds

Ginseng Seeds & Mushroom Kits:

Specialized grain and grass seed sources:

Specialized seed sources:

Tree seeds:

Tree seedlings: Endangered Trees

Forestry Pathology Research:

Tree Nurseries in General:

Gardener’s Nurseries in General:

Fruit and Nut Trees:

Gardening, Dendrology, Livestock, Construction Tools & Equipment

Gardening, Plants, Tree, and Food Information Links

Weekend Gardener Seed Starting Group Click Here

Sustainable Farming Connection Click Here

Washington State Potato Commission Home page
Information on the potato: History, varieties, Growing, O & A, storage, cooking, nutritional value.

Idaho Potato Commission Home page
Information on the potato.

Potato News Home page
Potato research and information from around the world.

Dancing Bee Acres Home page
Honey bee information, products, pollination services, and bee lore.

The American Pawlownia Association Click here
Dedicated to the advancement of the Paulownia trees.
Newsletter, Photos, Bulletin board, and links.

Northern Nut Growers Association Home Page
A great resource for information on many varieties of nut bearing trees.

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